Esther Middelkoop


Prof. Dr. Esther Middelkoop is an international expert for skin regeneration & wound healing and director association of Dutch Burn Center.

She studied chemistry at the University of Utrecht, and obtained a PhD in biochemistry.

She supervises the research activities of the Association of Dutch Burn Centres, and holds a chair in Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing at the Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery in Amsterdam.

Her special research focus is on Tissue Engineered Skin and Skin Replacement Materials, both in basic and in clinical research. Specific subjects are novel antimicrobial treatments, design and application of novel full skin substitutes, clinical research using Advanced Technology Medicinal Products, non-invasive measurement techniques, burn epidemiology and nationwide registration. Her special focus is on translation of basic research into clinical practice. Esther Middelkoop is active in several scientific societies, editorial board member of Wound Repair and Regeneration and board member of the Global Scar Society.