Ina Bennoun


Ms. Ina Bennoun is an international level expert and trainer in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Micropigmentation.

She has over 15 years of extensive experience working with professional experts, top plastic surgeons and dermatologists through corrective procedures of post-surgical interventions.

Ina is the director of Beauty Medic and a partner of the Micro-ID UK (Swiss Color), she is also a member on the scientific board of the ESTP organization (European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research). She is the Founder and President of the Israeli Micro Pigmentation Association, leading many forums in this field.

Ina has developed a unique technique of medical tattooing, lecturing and training worldwide. She is a specialist in nipple-areola reconstruction, scars and burns, retouching using skin needling and camouflage, vitiligo pigmentation, cleft lip restoration and hair simulation for alopecia.

Ina holds a BA in arts from the Israeli Technion and has MPMU multiple certifications from academics worldwide.