Klaus Hoffmann


Klaus Hoffmann, MD  was Vice Chairman of the western world largest (counting in patients beds) dermatological clinic in St. Josef Hospital Bochum which serves as university hospital to the Ruhr University of Bochum. Within the hospital he is chairman as well in his private department for Aestethic Medicine with private office in the s.c. JosefCarrèe.

He is head of the German Laser Center ZELM-NRW supported by the local government with about 21 different lasers plus 3 IPL’s including all new picosecond lasers. The department has about 1000 Patients for surgical interventions, and several thousand patients for laser or non-invasive procedures.

He is in the advisory board of several companies as well as editor of several journals. He published 8 books. He is co-editor of European Medical Journal and associated editor of Skin Research & Technology. He is organizer of the congress COSMEDICA a huge German congress with live surgery, plenary sessions as well as workshops. He has experience in about 100 clinical trials since 1987. He published about 200 peer reviewed papers and a lot of others eg overviews etc. He gave about 1000 lectures on congresses all over the world. He is in the Editorial board several journals, and won different national + international prices. The latest price (AWMC Paris) was for the best surgical body procedure (done by liposuction and 1440nm Lipolaser).

He is honorary president of the International Society for Bioengineering and Imaging of the skin. He invented high frequency ultrasound and several other noninvasive measuring techniques to dermatology. He is consultant for the German authorities for everything concerning aesthetic medicine. This is true for the radiation committee (Laser, IPL, Ultrasound) as well as other techniques, medical devices and drugs. Since 2019 he speaks for all German Societies for all aesthetic fields at German Government (eg filler etc.).